EMS Training


Less training, but much more results. Based on the very latest research and training findings.

The unique combination of targeted electrical muscle stimulation (5x more efficient than normal training), neuro-orthopedic stabilisation, 10x strength training (20 minutes instead of 2-3 hours of gym per week!*), high-intensity interval training (6-8 mins twice per week), interval fasting and the plant paradox diet, not only changes your body, but also has a lasting effect on the performance of your brain. Exercise less, feel a lot better, look better and don't fall back into old patterns - these are the buzzwords here.

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What is EMS

The abbreviation "EMS" stands for electrical muscle stimulation or electromyostimulation. This is a training program in which the muscles are stimulated and strengthened by the electrodes integrated in a suit (5x more efficient than regular training).

What is 10x

10x training is a revolutionary training based on the latest physiological findings. Learn how to develop a toned and strong body in just 30 minutes a week. For everyone over the age of 16.

Presented by Linda, Wim, Rick, Karlijn and Jeroen.


Our EMS-Trainers

Jeroen Smolders

Specialisation: Physiotherapist, EMS training (neurorehabilitation)

✔️ 60 minutes of training

✔️ € 97.50

More about Jeroen

Stefan Burkhardt

Specialisation: Physiotherapist, Sports and Rehabilitation

✔️ 60 minutes of training

✔️ € 97.50

More about Stefan

Dimos Galinos

Specialisation: EMS training (rehabilitation)

✔️ 60 minutes of training

✔️ € 97.50

More about Dimos

Wim Fokker

Specialisation: PT, running therapist, fitness trainer

✔️ 60 minutes of training

✔️ € 97.50

More about Wim

Cancellation policy


If you cancel within 24 hours prior to your appointment, we are forced to charge you for this appointment.
We have a waiting list of patients, which makes our time valuable. At the same time we could also help other clients and in addition we have costs for hiring the trainers.

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