Stroke and Shoulder Program at Brain and Spine Rehab

stroke Jun 20, 2021

"Here we go!"
Herma said while finished taping my shoulder. I wanted to say thank you, but nothing came out. I had lost my speech though my strokes. Instead I just nodded.
Herma, my favorite physical therapist, had taped my shoulder to prevent shouldersubclusation in other words...she fixed it from falling out.
Now , here I am 5 years post stroke, and my shoulder is far away from falling out and I consider to be reasonable strong.
Not like it used to be, but petty strong.

Why am I telling you this?
I know how many stroke survivors a struggling with their shoulder and arm.
In order to use your arm and hand, you get to have your shoulder in place and use it correctly.
It all starts with the shoulder!

I have tried “almost” everything to strengthen my shoulder. Most thinks didn’t work (-: but a few of them actually worked!
Actually, pre-crawling, and Nordic walking helped a lot of getting my arm swing back. Arm-swing is very important for recovery of your affected shoulder and arm*.

Now I feel pretty much secure in starting the SHOULDER PROGRAM at Brain and Spine Rehab!
I will do this with a physical therapist that works with us (since I am not a therapist, but experience expert).


Why am I doing this?
To tell you the truth, I am doing this NOT ONLY because I want people to get better and start using their shoulder. I am writing my new book about this subject as well. It is in my uttermost intrest to get you shoulder working again, my next book depends on it!
(-: It is WIN-WIN.

Why do I need to come for 2 hours?

We tried things out for one hour, but it didn’t fit. 2 hours is the minimum. You trainings with look approximately like this. We might add of remove things from time to time.

  • Warm up/stimulation
    Laser**, red light therapy, massage
  • Passive movement of your shoulder, in slow motion. Just a little bit movement
  • Active movement (you “help” the physical therapist with the passive movement).
  • Constraint muscle isolation (we only get the weekes muscles to move, no compensation!)
  • Pre-crawling
  • Balancing (you heard me right: new research on neuroplasticity shows that it works better in when you a struggling to keep your balance*** see for instance this video by Huberman, a Neuroscientist). Don’t worry, you won’t be standing on one arm, you will see how we trigger the balance issue (you will be safe!).
  • The EMS suit is next with electronic stimulation. 85% on your weakest side. We do different movement with your shoulder and go into the GYM (yes , we have a gym in the practice).
  • In the gym we are concentrating on small movements that we make in slow motion on you weaker muscles (hence the scapula and the upper back)
  • Hand blades (my invention) you will see how this works out in our practice.
  • Judo Matt crawling (be prepared I will challenge you!)
  • Pac-Man (with your weakest hand)
  • Indoor swimming

Cooling down
1. Muse 2
2. Prolo gel therapy (if needed)
3. Laser
4. Massage

Mind movie, the idea I got from one of our physical therapist. A mind movie is technologies for awakening the power of the subconscious mind. Basically, we make 1 minute movie how you shoulder will be after 6 months. You watch it a few times a day.

Goal: arm swing back, get more movement of your shoulder in an anatomical right shoulder movement and less pain.

We will have a lot of FUN training you! This will raise your dopamine** too!
(Which is good for creating brain plasticity).





Have a look at the scientific references regarding this subject. 

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