Medical disclaimer

The information on this website is provided by the Brain and Spine Rehab BV practice in Zutphen, where the Brain Rehab protocol is used. It consists of Low Level Laser Therapy (therapeutic lasers with low intensity), QEEG, Proprio 5000, balance and interactive metronome tests and is not intended as a substitute for services or information from trained (medical) professionals such as general practitioners, medical specialists, emergency care, (acute) psychiatric care, physiotherapists and psychotherapists.

The information on this website or that of the brain rehab protocol/ test program can therefore not be viewed as a substitute for medical or other professional help, care, support or the provision of medical recommendations and is not intended as an aid to diagnoses.

Visitors and patients are advised to report medical questions, complaints or symptoms to a treating doctor or other medical specialist in a timely manner in order to receive professional examination, diagnosis and, if necessary, medical care.

In the event of acute medical complaints or psychological problems as well as worsening medical problems or symptoms, visitors are advised to contact their family doctor or the emergency hotline immediately.

Exercising with Brain and Spine Rehab BV is not a substitute for professional medical advice and should not be viewed as health or personal advice. Always seek the help of your doctor or other qualified healthcare professionals if you have any questions about your health or medical condition.