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Why compensate if you want to recover further?

When dealing with acquired brain injury, it seems logical that most rehabilitation is focused on compensation.

We consciously opt for a scientifically based approach that helps you with more efficient stimulation and training of the weaker functions of your brain and your body, so that you become stronger and have less to compensate.

Your body is smart. Where possible you compensate with the strong parts of your body and brain for the weakened function caused by a concussion, whiplash or cerebral infarction/ hemorrhage. It is great and very clever that we have evolved so far. However, it is bad for a real change of the underlying problems.

That is why we focus our recovery program on the weakened underlying functions so that a further recovery is possible.

On average, our clients recover faster and more effective*. We focus on strengthening weaker functions --- not compensating. That is why our rehabilitation training is so successful!

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