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In non-congenital brain injury (NCBI)

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Why compensate if you want to recover further?
That seems logical, but most rehabilitation is focused on compensation.

We consciously opt for a scientifically based approach that helps you with more efficient stimulation and training of the weaker function of your brain and in your body, so that you become stronger and have less to compensate.

Your body is smart. Where possible you compensate with the strong parts of your body and brain for the weakened functions caused by a concussion, whiplash or cerebral infarction/ hemorrhage. It is beautiful and very clever that we have evolved that way, but it is bad for a real change of the underlying problems.

That is why we focus our recovery program on the weakened underlying function so that a further recovery is possible.

On average, our clients recover faster and more succesful*. We focus on strengthening weakened functions, not on compensating for the lost or impaired functions. That is why our rehabilitation training is so successful!

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*Our claims are based on actual measurements and supported with the latest scientific insights. We test the effectiveness of our methods by conducting research.

When traditional therapy (such as rehabilitation) has not provided sufficient improvement, we can still offer help in many cases. This takes place in the form of a more individual plan of approach and the aim of achieving better results.

How can we help you?
In our functional neurological Brain and Spine Rehab centre, Arjan Kuipers, Linda Radestad (author of “STROKE REBEL”) and their team, provide the most effective clinical care in a safe and friendly environment.

We are a tertiary care institution with exceptional expertise in the training and guidance of anyone dealing with (functional) brain disorders or the consequences of a traumatic brain injury, even if you have not made sufficient progress with standard care.

Our team is willing to take on the most challenging cases, and to work with your healthcare provider(s) to provide the most effective care possible.

Our approach
No matter how big your problems are, we do everything we can to make a visit to our functional neurological Brain and Spine Rehab centre as pleasant as possible. Our team believes in an individual approach to your problems. The strength of our approach lies in the very thorough diagnostic test procedures (unique for the Netherlands), which allow us to better discover the actual neurological function disturbances. After the extensive diagnostic assessment, we apply targeted therapy and training that allows us to very precisely and effectively address the neurological obstacles.

“Neuroplasticity” principle
We mainly use brain training based on the scientifically proven principle of “neuroplasticity”. This principle is that the brain can change, grow and rebuild itself when given the right highly targeted stimuli. Our approach provides the stimulation needed to rebuild and strengthen key nerve pathways, improving your ability and performance noticeably and measurably.

Training with an eye to the future
When you have finished the individual training and treatment program, you will receive a simple home exercise program from us to further strengthen your nervous system (brain). You can do this all by yourself or together with your partner, care provider, therapist or professional with whom you have worked before. These highly effective neurological exercises are designed to ensure long-term recovery, growth and strengthening of your nervous system. The exercises allow you to support and achieve your physical and mental health goals for the rest of your life.

What does a visit to our Brain and Spine Rehab center look like?
We strive without exception to bring about noticeable changes in the foreseeable future. Intensity is a key word here! For this reason, it is important that everyone within their own limits receives an individually tailored training program for a number of times a day (at least 4-5 times) in a welcoming home environment.

In addition, we are offering training in our clinic where we can monitor even more precisely whether and when training needs to be adjusted and can be adjusted so that progress can be made faster (these are our Brain Rehab Protocol programs). In practice, most clients come once a week for treatment and/ or evaluation, as well as once a week to receive home training instructions.

More than 70% of our clients see valuable improvement and progress in their performance within a month. Some need more time and of course we take that into account. Whatever your need, we are confident that we have the capabilities and expertise to provide the most effective and efficient training and treatment possible with clearly perceptible improvement in function!

Our approach to functional brain problems
As mentioned, we specialise in reconnecting and strengthening pathway systems and weak areas in the central nervous system through non-invasive and science-based therapies, which rebuild and improve impaired brain functions within days or weeks.

This is made possible by the so-called “neuroplasticity” principle, a widely accepted scientific phenomenon, something that is only offered in a few advanced treatment centers. Our team of experts provides care based on two pillars: Individual attention and an action plan. Additionally, we are using so-called “evidence-based” diagnostics (scientifically proven).

“Evidence Based” diagnostics
The key to effective treatment is precise diagnosis allowing for more specifically targeted therapy. Diagnosing abnormal function in the brain is often difficult and unclear. That's why we use a very extensive combination of diagnostic technology that makes it a lot easier to determine the precise brain functions that need re-training.

We use the following research methods, among others:

  •  Extensive functional neurological and neuro orthopedic examination
  • Tilt Table Tests for Measuring Autonomic Nervous System Function
  • Very extensive eye functionality tests with the EyeQ program from Right Eye
  • Videonystagmographic (VNG) examination to further map eye functionality
  • “Live” brain activity measurement with Brain Master's QEEG, Brain Avatar system (data can be compared with information from an fMRI)
  • Sensorimotor and neurodevelopmental assessments
  • Dynamic Posturography (DP), fall probability measurement
  • Balance analysis and training with the Proprio5000 system from Perry Dynamics
  • Hand-Eye Coordination Testing
  • Audiometric screening
  • Interactive Metronome, Timing and Rhythmic Research

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