Brain Testing

Get to know our extensive brain tests, for example for concussions or strokes.

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Free Screening

Free Screening via Zoom for problems after a concussion, stroke or whiplash.

✔️ 30 minutes

✔️ Free


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Comprehensive Brain and Physical Package

Based on advanced personal analysis. Continue reading on this page for more information.

✔️ 75 minutes

✔️ €447

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Continued Brain Testing Package

After ten hours of training, we test again to observe the progression. The test analysis is free.

✔️ 60 minutes

✔️ €97.50

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Comprehensive Brain and Physical Package

  • Free screening
  • Advanced personal analysis based on the following components:
    • QEEG (brain activity measuring)
    • EyeQ (eye functionality measuring)
    • Saccadometry  (targeted eye function and prefrontal cortex activity measuring)
    • PROPRIO 5000 (active balance, body stability and reactive proprioceptive measuring)
    • Interactive metronome (timing and coordination)
    • Functional neurologic research
    • Functional neuro-orthopedic research (FNOR, core stability, surfaced pain analysis)
    • CAPS, stability and measuring the chance of falling
    • Listen Audiogram
    • Tilt table testing (POTS analysis)
    • Cambridge Brain Sciences cognitive (home) test (45 minutes)
  • Test duration: 75 minutes (+ 45 min cognitive home tests).

Price includes:
Analysis test results, questionnaires, and test results Zoom call (30 min.)
(Analysis: we spend an average of 3 hours on this)


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✅ Reimbursable by many insurers

Many insurers in the Netherlands reimburse the consultations and training sessions of our practitioners through your supplementary insurance. Please note: The amount of the daily allowance and the maximum per year varies greatly by insurer. It is therefore advisable to check this in advance with your insurer.


Arjan Kuipers - 25 years of experience

Arjan has more than 25 years of experience in the following subjects:

✔️ Functional Neuro Orthopedic Training (FNOR)

✔️ Neurologic Posture Training (CPN and CPE)

✔️ Has a Diplomat status since 1997 at the American Chiropractic Neurology Board (ACNB)

✔️ Official member of the International Association for Functional Neurology (IAFNR)

✔️ DC, BSc, DACNB, FACFN, spFEAC, CPN, CPE Specialised Chiropractor

✔️ Consultant Applied Clinical Neuroscience

Why biometric test data?

Video Poster Image


“I came across this video about eye tests and top sport. A real eye opener! For example, I had more and more trouble taking the ball in the air. I thought I would have to fly to America to do the specific eye tests, but when I googled I found out that they have the same Right Eye tests at Brain and Spine Rehab. I have now had the eye tests and corresponding training and I am very happy with it. I now have another chance to realise my dream: to become a professional football player!"


“After my horse's first fall not much happened. After the second fall a year and a half ago, 10 years after my first fall, it was a completely different story. Something was really wrong. I am grateful for the Brain Rehab tests because I now know what to focus on for further recovery.”



"I have a very different brain injury; in 2016 I had two strokes. Now I am part of the Brain Rehab Protocol training and testing program. I am very proud of what we can do for others with this program. I also have a goal for myself: Improving the test scores every year because I am still making progress thanks to the new and improved training methods."