I am Linda 

I want to help you achieve your goals.

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Ik ben Linda 

Ik help jou graag verder met het behalen van jouw doelen. 

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“Foot brace program”

As you might know (after reading my book “Stroke Rebel”), I “lost” my brace, one year post stroke, mainly though walking barefoot. I pretended to be a cave woman that had to walk in order to survive (also see my TEDx talk). Balance is the thing. I figured if I walk without a brace, and stick, if my brain wants me to survive (the brain's main task is: staying alive, finding food and reproducing) then my brain has to pay extra attention when I am prone to falling.

Later, I got scientific proof for this 

Basically, if there is a danger to your survival, neuroplasticity kicks in.

Why am I telling you all this?

We are going to use exactly these principles in the “lose my brace” program! (don’t worry, we’ll do this in a safe way).

I can’t wait to start! Together with our specially trained physical therapists we will guide you.

What we are going to use:

-A path of different textured stones and sand.

-EMS (low current stimulation) on one side of the body to strengthen your hamstrings, glutes, back, quads and your calves)

-You can make or buy specially constructed weighted socks from us (20 euros goes to my 90 year old mother, she makes them (-: ), and 10 euros for the weights). You will use them as often as you can: going for a long drive with your partner? No problem, you can exercise your foot in the car, for example.


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