Hey! I am Linda 

As an experienced expert, I want to help you with your recovery.

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Ik ben Linda 

Ik help jou graag verder met het behalen van jouw doelen. 

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As an experienced expert I am happy to help you

After my two strokes in 2016, I know everything about recovery from brain damage.

Cerebral infarction/ cerebral hemorrhage: hand and arm therapy

I'll start this program soon. I'll be doing it together with a physiotherapist.




In the gym we pay extra attention to your weakened shoulder and arm


"Handblades": An Invention by Linda (Patent Pending). Hand blades allow a smoother movement in the spastic arm.

Indoor Swimming

Swimming is essential in rehabilitation. Learn to swim again!

Pacman - game-oriented training

Playing Pacman with your weaker hand. A fun way to stimulate your weaker hand and improve the control from your brain.

Judomat crawling

Each training session ends with fifteen minutes in the judo mat room. Sometimes you get a limitation on your good/ strong leg. Then you get a Saebo stretch brace on the weak hand at an angle of 90 degrees. You can crawl into any style or push yourself forward to score. Note that you can only score with the weak hand!


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