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Mijn naam is Nienke

Ik help jou graag verder met het behalen van jouw doelen. 

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About Nienke

Hi, I'm Nienke van Bezooijen.
My first part of my career I worked as a nurse in hospices and elderly care. In addition, I am an expert in the field of differently functioning brains such as autism and NAH.
In 2008 I changed course: I became an entrepreneur.

In 2019 my life was turned upside down when a benign brain tumor was found. I literally lost my balance.
I underwent multiple surgeries and intensive radiation treatments. The collateral damage of the radiation is especially noticeable in how I can use my brain in daily life.

Through HeartMath™ heart coherence techniques I stay in balance in my daily functioning. I can better deal with my energy distribution throughout the day and am more resilient in my recovery. Simple and fast.
In rehabilitation it is good and sometimes against. With Heart-Math™ techniques, measuring, knowing and adjusting is insightful in order to adjust the direction in your life.
I also give this to the customers of Brain and Spine rehab. That is why I like to work in the team as an experience expert.

My specializations


Stress in our daily life affects our heart rhythm. The time intervals between heartbeats are constantly varying for all of us. This is called heart rate variability. When stressed, this gives a restless picture. This unconsciously disrupts our energy levels and increases the stress hormones that affect many areas of the body.
If we adjust our breathing and mindset to what gives us energy, the heart rhythm stabilizes. That is heart coherence. The stress hormone level drops and we can work on our recovery with more resilience.
By practicing breathing techniques we are easily able to get more out of daily life.
For brain and spine rehab, experience expert Nienke van Bezooijen offers the basic principles, whereby you can train heart coherence yourself.

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Scientific References of HeartMath


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