Top Sport (and injury) Protocol

As a top athlete, there is guidance in the fields of physical training, diet, sleep patterns, setting goals and overcoming mental barriers.
By training your brain you can take a big extra step. Research shows that optimising your brain performance leads to an improvement in your physical performance.
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Who guides your brain?

At its best, you'll have guidance on physical training, diet, sleep, goal setting and overcoming mental barriers. The performance of your brain as a whole is usually disregarded. And that's a shame. Research shows that optimal brain performance equals optimal physical performance.

The role of your brain in recurrent injuries
Research shows that the role of the brain is often not addressed when looking at sports performance and recurrent injuries.

A prime example is the gymnast who is forced to end her career due to recurring ankle injuries and the inability to deliver the best performance while making a right-hand twist in mid-air. Everything was done for her on medical and training levels to prevent injuries and improve air performance. Still, the injuries returned as well as the inability to improve the right-hand screw. She accidentally discovers in our center after a concussion that her central balance integration is severely disrupted after previous injuries. She scores exceptionally well on all tests (which is to be expected for a top athlete) until the same tests have to be performed in a twisted position. Things go wrong and a major underlying problem is exposed. At the same time new opportunities present themselves.

Why do some have everything when they are just as talented?
The balance within your brain and between your brain and body (for example, the control and orientation of your musculoskeletal system) also determines learning performance and the ability to regulate emotions (see also the detailed description on the Brain Rehab Protocol kids page). It is therefore not surprising that those athletes who have done this even better are also those who have more options in other areas of life.

What can we do for you?
After reading the above you may think, how do I train and test the brain? It starts with tests that give the best representation of how the brain is doing. Extensive balance tests, eye functionality tests, timing and coordination tests, brain activity measurements and functional neurological examinations that look at how your brain performs and not just whether there is a disease present gives the best representation. The data generated in this way is also known as biometric data. The information obtained with these tests can reduce the impact of injuries, prevent them and take your sports performance to a whole other level. By training the relatively less well-performing brain areas and networks, you no longer have to compensate and brain-body performance is at a new higher level.


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Biometric test data

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The Top Sport and Injury Brain Rehab Protocol

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Brain Rehab Protocol and Testing Program
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