My name is Wim 


I want to help you reach your goals.

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Mijn naam is Wim 

Ik help jou graag verder met het behalen van jouw doelen. 

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My specialties


The FITLIGHT Trainer ™ is an innovative speed and agility training system targeting brain injury rehabilitation, professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts where light impulses can be used to improve reaction and train the brain in a targeted manner.


The PROPRIO® reactive balance systems, including the PROPRIO® PROPRIO® 5000 models, are the most advanced, versatile and cost-effective machines on the market for the assessment, measurement and training of neurological, orthopedic and vestibular problems by simultaneously challenging dynamic stability posture, strength and mobility to improve weak function.

 Right Eye®

One of the most advanced computerized eye training systems.

Neuro Sensorimotor Integrator

The NSI is specifically designed for functional neurologists.
Using a 50 inch HD TV and touchscreen, the NSI
created to provide a range of therapy procedures to a wide
group of patients requiring visual or functional neurological therapy.


Comprehensive analysis of postural systems

Brain Rehab Protocol training

Back to basics and non-compensation training to build brain function and make it more efficient.


10X training, revolutionary training based on the latest physiological insights. Learn how to develop a toned and strong body in 30 minutes a week. For everyone over 16 years old.


(HIT training): high-intensity interval training to significantly improve fitness, energy management and neurological protection in 8 minutes per session

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