I am Linda 

I want to help you achieve your goals.

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Ik ben Linda 

Ik help jou graag verder met het behalen van jouw doelen. 

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As an experience expert I am happy to help you with your shoulder and arm (with help from one of our physiotherapists)


Here we go!

Herma said while finished taping my shoulder. I wanted to say thank you, but nothing came out. I had lost my speech though my strokes. Instead I just nodded.
Herma, my favorite physical therapist, had taped my shoulder to prevent shouldersubclusation in other words...she fixed it from falling out.
Now , here I am 5 years post stroke, and my shoulder is far away from falling out and I consider to be reasonable strong.
Not like it used to be, but pretty strong.

Why am I telling you this?
I know how many stroke survivors a struggling with their shoulder and arm.
In order to use your arm and hand, you get to have your shoulder in place and use it correctly.
It all starts with the shoulder!

I have tried “almost” everything to strengthen my shoulder. Most thinks didn’t work (-: but a few of them actually worked!
Actually, pre-crawling, and Nordic walking helped a lot of getting my arm swing back. Arm-swing is very important for recovery of your affected shoulder and arm*.

Now I feel pretty much secure in starting a SHOULDER PROGRAM at Brain and Spine Rehab!
I will do this with a physical therapist that works with us (since I am not a therapist, but experience expert).

You can book yourself in at this link. You only pay for Arjan and physical therapist hours (97.50 an hour), which means you get me for free (-:
You can come once a week or once a month, it depends on you time and financial situation (you get approximately half of the money reimbursed, if you have an aanvullende verzekering).

Why am I doing this?
To tell you the truth, I am doing this NOT ONLY because I want people to get better and start using their shoulder. I am writing my new book about this subject as well. It is in my uttermost intrest to get you shoulder working again, my next book depends on it!
(-: It is WIN-WIN

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Read here what your training is going to look like. 

Passive shoulder movements

The physiotherapist moves the shoulder 


During the EMS session, we pay extra attention to the weaker shoulder and arm 

Gym ( “constrained muscular isolation”)

In the gym we'll focus on your weaker shoulder and arm. 


"Handblades": Linda's invention (patent to be confirmed). The handblades allow more fluid movement in the spastic arm.


The unique SHED laser that we use in our clinic not only supports energy production at the cellular level in short sessions, but also a multitude of recovery processes.



Indoor Swimming

Swimming is essential in rehabilitation. Learn how to swim again!

Pacman - game-oriented training

Playing Pacman with your weaker hand. A fun way to stimulate your weaker hand and improve the control from your brain.

Judomat crawling

Each training session ends with fifteen minutes in the judo mat room. Sometimes you get a limitation on your good leg. Then you get a Saebo stretch brace on the weak hand at an angle of 90 degrees. You can crawl into any style or push yourself forward to score. Note that you can only score with the weak hand!

Mind movie

Wat is een Mind Movie? Een Mind Movie is een korte video van ongeveer 3 minuten, ofwel een digitaal vision board, dat je droomsituatie weergeeft wat beteft schouder een arm.

"Pre crawling" exercises


Homework exercises


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